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DSC01116Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement across broad time and modal domains. This is the premier class offered at CFHF. Once an understanding of the foundational movements has been developed, all athletes from scaled to intermediate to elite are encouraged to attend. All workouts are still scalable and easily modified.

In this class we spend more time on more advanced skill review. Athletes are expected to be able to perform all foundational and basic CrossFit movements. Athletes are expected to be responsible for setting up and breaking down their own weights, boxes, barbells etc. Athletes should have a general idea of how they will scale their workout if they need to but of course our coaches are always available to help each and every athlete determine the appropriate modification.

CrossFit class begins with a dynamic warm up followed by a skill review. The skill will generally be more complex and may not be in the Workout of the Day. Athletes are encouraged to take what they learn in this skill review and practice outside of class. The skill review will be followed by the Workout of the Day. Like all of our classes, the CF WOD will be easily scalable to accommodate each individual athlete. Class will end with a short dynamic cool down and stretch.