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  • (424) 832 - 7330


So you want to get started on your CrossFit journey or at least you might be kinda sorta interested in this crazy workout thing you’ve been hearing about.

First of all congratulations, a big high five, we applaud you for your interest and your courage to try something new!


This is your CrossFit High Five journey in a nutshell:

(For a more detailed description, scroll down)

You call or email to set up your free private intro.

After your intro you decide this is something you want to commit to for awhile.

You sign up for a membership and reserve your first Level 1 Session.

You complete the Level 1 curriculum in one week and join the regular CrossFit classes.

You start coming regularly and within a couple of weeks you start to notice a few things:

Your body feels tighter.

You sit up a little straighter.

You notice that you feel pretty… what’s the word.. good.  You feel pretty darn good (and most likely pretty sore).

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Within a couple of months you start to notice some other things:

You look different, better, you look more fit.

You’re friends start to notice.

Your clothes fit better.

You walk a little taller.

You might look at some random objects and wonder if you could lift them.

A hundred new people now know your name and high five you every time they see you.

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A few months after that you realize you are doing things with your body that you never thought would be possible.

You realize you have achieved an unparalleled level of fitness.

You become a superhero and fight crime in the night.


Here’s how it works (The long version):


If you’ve never done CrossFit before, the first thing to do is schedule a complimentary private intro session.  In your intro we will tell you all about CrossFit, how it differs from other fitness programs, and how we approach the CrossFit methodology here at CrossFit High Five.  We will answer all of your questions and then you can try a sample workout.  We can schedule your Intro Session almost any time.

Just shoot us an email, let us know what time works best for you and we’ll set it up!


Just wear your regular workout clothes and bring a water bottle.  We have free parking anywhere in the back.


After your intro, you should have a pretty good idea of what you can expect in our CrossFit classes and how we can individualize the program for you. The next step will be to attend your Level 1 Sessions. This consists of 3 one hour personal training sessions dedicated to learning the proper mechanics of our foundational movements. Find out more about the Level 1 curriculum here. Once you’ve completed your Level 1 Sessions, you will be prepared to attend regular CrossFit classes.  Keep in mind that Level 1 is designed to arm you with an understanding of the foundational CrossFit movements, however, you will still want to gradually ramp up the intensity of your CrossFit workout.  We emphasize mechanics and consistency of movement above all else.  This should always be your number one priority before you begin to push the intensity.


Every CrossFit class will be led by one of our experienced top level coaches.  The coach will take you through a dynamic warm up and stretch, complete movement review, strength or skill elements, and the workout of the day (WOD).  We cap our classes at 12 people to make sure that everyone receives plenty of individualized coaching and attention. The coach will also help each athlete scale or modify the workout as needed.

All of our classes follow the same basic format.  For a more detailed description of the class format and the specific classes we offer, please check out this page.


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